Doug Traubel for Ada County Sheriff

Doug Traubel for Ada County Sheriff

My name is Doug Traubel, and I am your conservative, constitutional candidate for Ada County Sheriff. I have the BROAD and PROVEN experience to lead the Ada County Sheriff’s Office into the future.

Ada County must lead the way in providing a safe community where we uphold Idaho’s conservative values. We have all witnessed what poor leadership has allowed in Portland and Seattle.

I welcome your questions and comments. Feel free to contact me at

About Doug

Doug Traubel is a thirty-two-year veteran peace officer. In 1984 Doug’s career began in Chula Vista, California, seven miles from the U.S. − Mexico border. His assignments included patrol officer, field training officer, SWAT team, and Street Team (a proactive patrol unit that targeted gangs and series related crimes i.e. robbery and other special enforcement projects).

Doug graduated from The San Diego County Sheriff’s Academy in 1986. On the first day of instruction he attended a lecture from Sheriff John Duffy on the history, role and unique authority held by the Constitutional Office of Sheriff. It was then that he developed a reverence for the Office and an understanding of the necessary and substantive differences between Sheriffs, Chiefs of Police and Federal “law enforcement.”


Pro-Second Amendment

Proven Conservative


I view the Office of Sheriff through the C.O.P. lens.

Citizen-involved: I will create a multi-purpose(volunteer)Sheriff Posse and expand the (volunteer) Reserve Deputy Program. Both will serve as field service multipliers with little cost to the taxpayer and be integral components in the daily operation of the Ada County Sheriff’s Office. Learn more below.

Oath-centered: The Idaho State Constitution & Constitution for the united States will be taught to deputies. They will know what the oath means, why they take it and what it looks like “in action.” The tyranny of COVID will NOT be suffered again.  The Bill of Rights are the UNTOUCHABLES!  **The oath of office is NOT to a person, but to the respective promises and protections of the Constitutions. 

Pro-active: Effective crime fighting by removing the paralyzing influence of social justice and other Marxist machinations of the War on Cops. To that end, Implicit Bias training (CRT for deputies) will end immediately as will the ACSO’s long relationship with the MacArthur Foundation.    


Sheriff Richard Mack, Arizona (Ret.) Founder, Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA)

“I have known Doug Traubel for over ten years and he is unquestionably a dedicated lawman, a professional peace officer, and a qualified candidate for Sheriff.”

~ Sheriff Richard Mack
Additional Endorsements
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  • Sheriff Bob Songer, Klickitat County, Washington
  • Sheriff Dar Leaf, Barry County, Michigan
  • Jim Reynolds, Former Mayor of Eagle
  • Regina Bayer, Former Idaho Senator
  • Dieter Bayer
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